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The Deceuninck is the greatest in the world of PVC profile manufacturers. It has forty years of experience in window’s profiles production. Deceuninck is the winner of the International Industrial Award granted by the International Institute for Promotion and Prestige in Geneva, also belongs to a group of Business’ Gazelles and has a European Medal for Mondial profile’s system. In 2001 Deceuninck, in the group with other companies, received a certificate of compliance with quality management system ISO 9001: 2000. Beautiful color forever. Smooth and shiny surface, intense white or vivid profile’s colors remain constant over the lifetime of the window.

Decoroc technology as well as film coating with texture and color of the wood ensure that ageing signs do not appear. No more painting. Deceuninck’s windows do not require painting and cleaning them is very easy thanks to its profile’s structure (glossy and smooth surfaces without unnecessary grooves and bends). Unique range of colors in 18 colorways for our full suite of windows and doors helps to choose the perfect color for your home.

Always sealed and economical. Deceuninck profiles – Mondial 2000 – overlap up to 9 mm and have a double sealing to ensure that the heat stays in the house, no moisture gets inside and to keep you cool in the apartment over the summer. All Deceuninck’s windows come with standard heat transfer coefficient U = 1,1 W/m2. Durable Deceuninck’s windows have steel strengthens that are thickest on the market, zinc coating, so they do not deform over the time and always remain airtight also micro-ventilation system provides fresh air without room chilling during ventilation. End with the noise, thanks to its soundproof construction window with Deceuninck’s profiles can achieve excellent sound insulation.

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Thanks to the Deceuninck’s profiles durability you can be assured that you will always enjoy peace of silence, unique style and comfort. Deceuninck’s windows provide you with comfort, because they can meet all of the requirements: anti-theft fittings, micro-ventilation, incorrect handle position lock, adjustable hinges and mortise clamps, all types of glass (anti-theft, thermal insulated, soundproof and ornamental).

Deceuninck’s profiles are designed so that they can bring to the life any design vision – windows in different shapes: arches, trapezoids, triangles, sliding structures, winter gardens, porches.)
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