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PVC windows of Veka differ from competing products with the thickness of the inner walls and the width of inner chambers. There is 10% more PVC used for their production than for standard windows. Thanks to such excellent parameters it is possible to obtain the following properties:

  • Low susceptibility to damages by using thick walls.
  • Warranty for strong joining of the window’s corners, thus eliminating effect of cracking in welds.
  • The strength and durability of the corners that have been made ​of these profiles exceeds the strength of the standard windows.
  • High stability.
  • Nonstandard Veka windows with increased stability of frames and wings, and resistance to various deformations, especially when with increased size.
  • Offered by us windows are also 20% higher resistant to screws plucking.

Veka window profile's design and description

Veka windows in practice plus color choice

Exceptional resistance to temperature changes. This is a very important feature, especially in our variable climate, where there are large daily temperature fluctuations. During the day, the window takes a tremendous job, adapting to the greatly rising heat, while at night time takes place the reverse process. Over the day window expands and then shrinks exposing the structure to great stress, particularly at the corners.

Thick walls of Veka windows allow you to maintain perfect statics and strong corner joints, thus eliminating the risk of cracks. Excellent level of sound insulation. Veka is a window with a high level of energy saving which ensures adequate thermal and acoustic comfort in the house. This components allow for effective suppression of noises coming from the outside and prevent the heat escape from the inside of the building.

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